Stop the bull sh*t DEMOCRATS, you control HOUSE, SENATE (VP tie-breaker vote), & White House; you DO NOT need the republicans; if you want gun control, put up or stfu; you control it

by Paul Alexander

This is bull sh*t politics; this is not a gun issue, this has multiple issues such as no fathers, no faith, drugs, cannabis/weed, opioids, mental health, use 40$ billion for Ukraine for school safety

I want no infringement on the 2nd amendment. But something has to be done and it demands calm heads with constructive discussion. To say someone at 18 cannot own a gun, then they cannot vote at 18 or join the military. So I cannot get a gun at 18 yet I can join the military? See the idiocy.

No touch of the 2nd or rights of gun ownership. The 2nd is the one and only reason the US has not fallen to the bad element who lurks. The 2nd is the reason the world has not fallen. Yes, the US’s 2nd.

Why can’t you take the 40 $ billion for Ukraine, you republicans and democrats, and use it today for securing our schools? Why not? You bunch of crooks.

Let me provoke the democrats with the truth here. You the democrats you can vote something if you want, stop calling on republicans…put a bill on the floor…you know you can’t…you are lying to the people….all this means is you are not genuine and this is pure politics…this means you do not have the democrat votes for any movement….calling on republicans for gun control is BS, its posturing games, they do not care. Republicans don’t care, democrats do not care.

I do think there must be something done to reduce the risk. I am for the 2nd. But we must have a discussion as a society. Lets not pretend. Some way to keep guns out of the wrong hands is sensible.

If someone wants to kill you, they use knives, swords, vans, trucks etc. See UK, France, Canada etc. It is not about guns.

Shockingly, CNN is reporting better than FOX in this. Why? I appreciated the Judge Jeanine today, most clear and above board. I am uncomfortable talking for I myself do not know all the facts, but there are very troubling issues in the response.

Firstly, I support 100% and advance the police anytime I could. I do appreciate their sacrifices and role in society and I am for blue. Yet some issues with the Texas mass shooting warrants serious discussion.

It is time we ask some important questions for this response was a failure! It is almost like the parents if allowed to go in, in this case, in this case, may have saved lives! I am being very serious here!

This one video of parents begging to go in and begging the police to rush in. I am shocked how they pinned parents down.

Desperate parents

IMO, this was active shooting, not a hostage negotiating. I am, we all are seeing media footage of parents who were screaming save my kids, and want rush in, as police stood by and held them back; this is the fact now & it is shocking! But are we seeing everything? Do we have all the facts? I am 100% with the blue but something terrible happened with the response; you cannot wait 1 hour, this is inexcusable, based on how the footage we are seeing is playing. What happened when the police entered 4 minutes after the gun man? Were they barricaded, hiding, protecting themselves? So the news is reporting that 4 minutes after the gunman entered, police entered. And so there were police in the building while he was shooting and they did nothing? And at the same time one hour passes with many police outside who did not go in? So police were inside and outside and no one did anything? One hour? While he shot the kids?

Something is not adding up. Yes we have to learn so it does not happen again but there seems to be a catastrophic failure here in the response. Could we have saved many of those lost lives by going in? We were not there so must be careful too to not misjudge but we have to ask questions based on what is playing out now. And it is troubling.

Why did they not engage the shooter? Something does not add up. I love police and they IMO are the best of us. Love them. But we need to know what happened here for it makes no sense. This was not a HOSTAGE situation with negotiations, there was active shooting, police had to rush in and save lives, at least unleash the parents who were fighting to rush in; how did this happen?

If I were one of the parents, I would be dead for the police would have needed to shoot me to stop me from bursting in. Maybe the gun man would have shot me too on entry but I was not going to stand by as the police stood by while hearing shots inside. Why did the police not allow parents to go in, I am sure many were armed.

Were the police there reticent because they were not prepared with heavy enough guns or protection? If so, why? Were they concerned for safety? We need truth. Several very troubling issues we have to debate as a society for something is wrong here and the story is changing by the hour from authorities and this is horrible if police stood by for one hour. IMO, you did not need to wait on SWAT. You could have unleashed the parents to go in, they wanted to. Give them the gun and Kevlar.

12 minutes before he entered?

Unlocked door? Was this an inside job? How come?

No armed officer in the school?

There was a period when there were police inside the building with the shooter. Why did they not shoot him? Or try.