Sub-optimal ‘leaky’ imperfect COVID-19 vaccines and original antigenic sin: was President Trump misled by Fauci and vaccine developers?

by Paul Alexander

Thomas Francis, Jr. in 1960 initially proposed the concept of the ‘original antigenic sin’ (OAS). Since then, it has been used to explain the initial priming of the immune system response and subsequent responding, using the influenza model. “The first antigenic variant encountered early in life conditions lifelong immunity”. The core issue is that if the epitope has even the slightest variance, then the immune system, based on the initial priming or exposure, is prejudiced in that direction as it relies on ‘learning’ or ‘memory’ of the initial exposure. It does not generate a new primary or secondary response and the impact of this could be a sub-optimal response to the new variant given the immune system fails to adjust. So, the concept implies that whether the initial priming is optimal or sub-optimal, the future response to subsequent exposures will be the same to that pathogen or similar. The prior ‘learning’ biases all subsequent immune responding.

It is accepted now that the COVID-19 vaccines are leaky which means they do not stop infection or transmission, and they allow for immune escape. The COVID-19 vaccines do not sterilize the virus and the neutralization capacity of antibodies wanes rapidly. The COVID-19 vaccines have failed against the Delta variant. Read et al. (Marek’s disease) wrote “Could some vaccines drive the evolution of more virulent pathogens? Conventional wisdom is that natural selection will remove highly lethal pathogens if host death greatly reduces transmission. Vaccines that keep hosts alive but still allow transmission could thus allow very virulent strains to circulate in a population.”

These COVID-19 vaccines show that the more vaccinated a nation is, the more problems it has had with the vaccine in terms of escalating infections. These vaccines do not adequately protect the upper respiratory tract. The data is clear that the vaccinated can transmit the virus as efficiently as some people who are completely unprotected. Immunity from the vaccines seems to last only about 4 to 5 months, and thus how could anyone think we can achieve population level herd immunity with these vaccines? It is virtually impossible that these vaccines could get us to herd immunity. There is a zero chance. Yet are we about to accept boosting every 5 months?

Penn State’s Ohm writes, “Leaky vaccines work…without necessarily blocking or slowing viral replication. The result is that infected but vaccinated individuals have extended survival, allowing   highly virulent pathogen that would normally reach an evolutionary dead-end in a dead host, can transmit.” Boots echoed this, and again we suggest that we are possibly facing a Marek 2.0 now with these clearly imperfect COVID vaccines. Yes, more data and acute definitive research is needed, for this was not studied by the vaccine developers. Moreover, we are in the dark as to how safely these vaccines behave in the medium- and long-term. We are in a black box situation. However, what is shaping up raises many urgent questions and is potentially ominous. We run the risk of killing many people, particularly our children, with these vaccines if what we are seeing is the tip of ADE/AMVE.

Was President Trump misled and misinformed by his scientific advisors and vaccine developers in OWS? Has President Biden been handed vaccines that could only but fail? Do either Presidents understand that the vaccines have failed? This is not about blame or choosing sides, its about vaccine safety and the safety of the population, especially our children. And globally. Who advised them or is advising them? I argue that POTUS Trump’s advisors did mislead him. Catastrophically, and particularly the vaccine developers. Had the studies been conducted properly regarding vaccine safety and according to the proper durations, and had we followed up long enough to examine AMVE/ADE, then it is likely that we would not be witnessing what is unfolding in the British data and the Israeli data today. Nor would we see in the U.S. the clear vaccine failure and the potentially dangerous need for repeat boosting. Repeat boosting could be devastating.

If we are to apply the OAS to the present COVID-19 vaccines, how would it apply? What follows is theoretical yet may actually be playing out now and may well explain the data we are witnessing globally as these vaccines show that they have failed against the Delta variant. It may well explain the adverse effects from the vaccines and the deaths, as well as the escalating infections in vaccinated persons. Dr. Dan Stock’s model appears to fit this concept near perfectly and very briefly with no minutia: If the first exposure or priming is via vaccine and thus systemic exposure to the antigen (spike protein), then the immune response is via the Th 2 B cell and antibody response. If we are then exposed to the virus via respiratory tract exposure which in all likelihood will happen as the pandemic continues and pathogen is all around us (infectious Delta) (and thus needing the Th 1 cytotoxic natural killer CD 8 + cellular response so that the local site of infection can be cleared out of infection), then we may well have convinced the immune system to be prejudiced in its switching from the Th 1 cytotoxic natural killer cellular response at the local site of respiratory infection, to the Th 2 response involving generation of B cells and antibodies systemically. The immune system was prejudiced or biased due to the first initial priming being via vaccine (and thus the antibody response). The result is there is no or limited CD 8+ cytotoxic response and the infection can build up in the respiratory system (lungs) and the person gets sicker and sicker. This person can harbor massive loads of virus as they are getting sick, as well as transmit. The vaccine may also be reducing symptoms and so the vaccinated person goes about life normally, as they harbor virus and are shedding/transmitting.

In this model, the original exposure was to vaccine, and when there was local infection in the respiratory tract due to being exposed, the needed cellular CD 8+ cytotoxic response was limited or near non-existent as the immune system was biased to and switched towards the antibody response systemically, which it was signalled to do initially given the initial priming was via vaccine. The OAS concept seems to fit this model cleanly and appears to explain the global infection and severity data among the vaccinated. It is my opinion that POTUS Trump was greatly mislead for you cannot take a 10 to 15 year vaccine development process with the proper safety assessment phases and boil it down into months (3 to 4 months) and say you did not cut corners. Impossible. Corners had to be cut and we are seeing it play out now with the adverse effects and deaths post vaccine. The blood clots and bleeding. The VITT and CVST as well as pericarditis and myocarditis.