Taiwan: 'It's the semiconductor chips, stupid'! Like how 'it's the vaccine, stupid'! & Clinton said in 92, 'It's the economy, stupid'! We are pushing Russia on Ukraine not because we care about...

by Paul Alexander

Ukraine, US could not give a rats ass and rightly, it's of no strategic importance; we push back on Russia to send China a message we will go to WAR over Taiwan, for it's the chips, stupid!

IMO and who knows, I may be wrong but I am musing.

Apple will shut down as an example, if Taiwan falls to China and chips are embargoed. The US military will not be able to function while China’s could. Those Taiwanese micro chips are so very critical to the world today. Let us hope and pray that nations like China and US will always find ways to avoid confrontation. And in reality, it is not the island nation of Taiwan but what Taiwan produces and what China will do should it control what comes out of Taiwan for the rest of the world.

‘Semiconductors are critical components that power electronics from computers and smartphones to the brake sensors in cars. The production of chips involves a complex network of firms that design or make them, as well as those that supply the technology, materials and machinery to do so.  

TSMC focuses solely on manufacturing and has been the go-to producer for many cutting-edge semiconductors, Dan Wang, a technology analyst at research firm Gavekal, said in a podcast by Singapore’s DBS bank.

This small island nation of 24 million is much more important than you realize to the world! And why we flex over Ukraine as to Russia really is to show we will move if it is in our interest. China must know if in our interest, we will act. Taiwan’s semiconductor manufacture is critical to the US’s daily function. The world’s. The computer chips Taiwan manufactures are critical, as you know, to smart phones, laptops, smart cars, most military function, and some call it the “fourth industrial revolution.” The one company in Taiwan, called the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) is responsible for about 60% of global chip manufacture, and it’s real importance sky rockets if we focused on the world’s most high tech advanced semiconductors, and then it accounts for over 90% of production. Nearly all of the world’s advanced chips comes from Taiwan. The technology and manufacture. Other nations and companies are in the chip business but in reality, they still turn to TSMC for production.

So in reality, Taiwan is a delicate discussion for while it is it’s own separate nation, and while China may or may not have legitimate dibs on Taiwan, it is in our national security interests and it is why we must defend Taiwan (or help protect her) and be prepared to use military force and help if we have to. Had it not been for those chips, likely we would not be as disturbed in China’s interests. I think here resides why Pelosi went for tensions are high and China saw Russia move on Ukraine and we huffed and puffed but did not stop Russia (yet pushing back indirectly), so in case China got the wrong message, Pelosi (well, big business and the military) has to tell (signal to) China it will not be the same with Taiwan). Our push back on Ukraine was always to message China to not get any wrong ideas.

Again, let us hope that US and China and Taiwan can always work this out amicably.

Also, likely Pelosi went there for personal business too (money makes us do things you know and these folk are known to enrich themselves and use the power of the office to do it;-)) and maybe to begin the removal of a POTUS with 25th revealing irrelevance? I do not know for sure. I actually think she had to have had the WH’s blessings for this is a matter of utmost security interest and IMO she has actually done a good here. I cannot think the WH was really against her going. I will not say any of these were the reasons but this is out there in media. I am only sharing.

As I stated prior, if they shot at her plane or even blew it up as they, China, threatened (which they did not eventually do), we would be well placed to declare war and vaporize China (the CCP) and I stand by that. Not the people of China, but the CCP. I do not like her politics and think her party (as is the republican) has been dangerous to the US etc. but will not sit by silent etc. if the speaker is attacked and harmed by a foreign nation. I do not wear a pink poisse hat and I do not go on talk shows or use my talk show to rant against any and everything. I can even stand by someone I do not support, if wrong is being done to them. There is right and wrong. Harming the speaker would be wrong.

Had they shot her down, then we would have then had to introduce China formally to the cargo of our B1-B and stealth bombers and OUR drones. Not the people of China, no, the CCP. We must make that distinction. I think the smack etc. and the result shows us what China is, a paper tiger! Yes, they can talk smack and do some things (and we should expect this), but in the end, it’s a paper tiger. We respect all nations and respect China, it’s history, and it’s people. But we be prepared to act.

Who knows really why the speaker went but my money is on the semiconductors…and the charts below should help you understand how Taiwan and it’s dominance of the semiconductor world is very very very important to the US and why China must never take Taiwan and Taiwan must be made to know this…this is one place 100% the US will go to war over, will intervene over for if China takes it, and controls the semiconductors, they can shut the world down. Instantly. So we must pretend we care about human rights (which I do believe some actually do and I believe the US stands still as the greatest nation and the beauty of the idea of the America and it’s founding and remains the last beacon of hope), but it is about the semiconductor.