Texas police now admit, 19 police inside the school hallway with Uvalde gunman & shots being fired & they did not breach the door while kids were inside calling 911; said officers were taking cover

by Paul Alexander

If they had to take fire that is what they were trained for, something very very wrong happened here. Chief stated today “it was the wrong decision” not to breach the classroom door

I need to know who propped open that school door? I want to know their faith? Did they know the shooter? Was this arranged? I want to know who gave the stand down order to the 19 police officers in the hallways with the shooter, to not breach and try to stop the shooter. What is the faith of that person who gave the order?

I am not joking, I need to know this. There are crazy strange things in this entire matter. Everything is on the table.

Perhaps many lives could have been saved. Massive decisions were made that were wrong, very hard questions to be answered. This incident I do not think we could overcome or forget and get past.

Police outside the classroom should have said “I am hearing shots, my commander said do not go in, but phuck that, I am going in, I am hearing shots”.

We stand by the police first. But we now must understand what happened here. Was the police left without the right equipment? What? Is this a money budget issue?

I want to be clear, I am for the 2nd amendment and we do not use this devastation to go at the 2nd or guns. I am shocked at the government’s and losers who use this to go to podium to make a political statement for gun control like Beta.

The children were calling the 911 saying we can hear the police next room; they said ‘please send the police right now’…we have children still alive with the gunman so come in…

Police were outside the door.

The children were alive calling 911 and saying come in, rush in, para ‘we are alive’….

yet 19 officers stood in the hallways and did not act. I do not know how to write this and pardon if I make mistakes. I am so pained for each day, each hour reveals devastating information.

They should have not listened to the orders not to go in, they were in the room next door; I find it difficult to grasp and wrap my head around for the depths of failure here are hard to understand.

Active shooter you go toward the fire, I am no police but I am listening and reading.

I love the police and support them fully and will always. Always. But this was disastrously wrong. They would have done many table top exercises so they are trained. So what happened here?

Those police officers who were inside must be fired. The police should NOT have followed orders to stand down. The police should have not listened to their commands, they were in the next room listening to shots.

Police outside not going in, police inside not breaching the door, I mean, how can you explain this?

We have to have compassion for these officers and for the police, and all involved for this is not to happen. We pray for the souls of these children. We pray for the parents and families and teachers.

I am hoping this brings people together to talk and both sides can find a way now to work together.