The Germans laughed at Trump at the UN, look at these idiots, laughing, when he told them, now look who is crying now...Trump was right, we all knew

by Paul Alexander

Trump was mocked by Germany about his oil warning, but guess who got the last laugh?

IMO, sanctions and punishment can still come on Russia, but for God’s sake, if it will stop this, say no Ukraine in NATO…why will the President of Ukraine not see by the time this is done, his people will have no place to live…it will be flat, and so many dead…why does the west not understand that? is this about special interests getting big money and contracts to rebuild? is this too about corruption, that it is going on due to this? what do we believe? nothing in the media is true anymore, no legacy media. COVID showed this, its dead for the media. no credibility. I think there is pure corruption and lots we do not know on all sides, the west, Russia, and Ukraine, and my only feeling is about the killing and pain of innocent people as we see now…stop the killing and then sanction…don't let this go on anymore. Find a way to talk now and stop this bloodshed…