The inmates are running the asylum in the Biden Administration...but the Republican half of the uniparty is every bit as inept and morally bankrupt as the democrat half.

by Paul Alexander

Compounding it is the fact that the plan to install Kamala Harris looks unworkable. She is mentally and emotionally The Zman correct? Do we have zero option? Is it that bad now? I have hope

I do tend to look to tomorrow and hold out hope always, especially in good people I see around me but this short blog is written so very tight and to the point that it is frightening if 10% is accurate. You see, if we look back at history, we see empires as strong or even stronger than those around us today. We read about them. Powerful empires. Yet while they partied and played and indulged their every pleasure, while they focused on 'other things’ and indulged, they burned internally, and eventually, they ALL fell. Yes, they fell. We cannot allow that for what we have is to great to fail but can we save it in the face of the sold-out corrupted politicians we have on deck? On both sides. I mean I know many are good, great impeccable people, better than us even. And meant so well. And still do as they ‘take’. IMO when they get into politics, then they become corrupted fast. It corrupts them and the lure of the forbidden is too much and they too take from the treasury, they too learn to suck at the teats of the treasury, the tax payer. And they cannot get off the juice. Drunk with make believe power and using tax payer money to enrich themselves and family and friends. Look at DC. Look around. Few are Ron Johnson, few are Jim Jordan. Few are Josh. There are good people both sides but why are they not doing good for the people?

When we sat with the transport sub-committee in congress and Brian Brase and I etc. talked to them, they essentially said they were powerless as the democrats were ‘not playing’ and the truckers had to do the heavy lift at the polls. This shocked me how impotent and eunuched they were.

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