The new rules of medicine by Steve Kirsch; I recommend taking a read of these points, funny too & bang on & shows how filthy corrupted the CDC, NIH, FDA, NIAID are; corrupted agencies

by Paul Alexander

Steve did an insightful job here, makes me laugh for all are is scary too...bottom line, all, every last bit of anything they told us on COVID, lockdown to vaccine, LIES, all LIES! subscribe

Steve Kirsch is a friend on mine and I can tell you, he is finer when you know him in person…a great heart…gives…I give huge hugs to him for we worked on things together and he is smart, intense, but is a huge soldier in this battle…many are ‘talkers’, he is a doer.

But let me get to my point before sharing Steve’s link:

Nothing on COVID, by CDC, by NIH, by Health Canada, by Public Health Agency of Canada, SAGE, none, nothing, zero, was based on data or science, these were a bunch of demons, corrupted, inept, illogical, irrational, absurd, academically sloppy, deranged lockdown lunatic dimwits, nonsensical reckless and specious idiotic moronic so called ‘experts’ and the history will show how stupid and reckless they all were and as I always say, we allow everyone to defend their policy decisions etc. but if in time, we take these beasts into a proper public legal inquiry and find any did wrong, that their decisions costed lives, then we strip them of every cent, take all their money, and imprison them, any of them who caused the deaths of people, of children and I want acute focus with the vaccines on kids…for children will die with these, and these beasts know this…they just do not care…money, grants, salaries, their careers, wine and cheeses…fame, preening on television…a bunch of sick beasts…they know the wrongs they did especially denying early treatment and I mean the doctors too….yes, we were sold out so we investigate them and imprison them if they did wrong here in COVID…be brave.

Steve Kirsch's newsletter
The new rules of medicine
In case you missed the memo from the CDC that went out about the new rules of medicine, here’s a copy. Date: January 20, 2021 From: Rchelle Walensky, Director of the CDC To: Everyone Subject: New rule changes to both science and medicine in response to the COVID-19 pandemic…
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