The time has come to remove the COVID vaccines from market; I, MALONE, McCullough, we have been calling for this out of concern based on harms and ineffectiveness; see graphs

by Paul Alexander

I have said all along, stop this mass vaccination, stop it. Geert Vanden Bossche said it! And not in any children. Period. The death curve follows the infection/case curve in Australia...

Red line is when vaccine program began…(Eugyppius)

Now, see Australia as of today, these infection and case rates are astounding, and I fear for New Zealand et al. Those who locked down long and tight, you actually damaged your nations for the vaccine you waited for had/has failed. I/we saw this near one year ago. You will kill many in your population, even with mild Omicron based on sheer numbers. Stop the vaccine NOW! All of them. They never worked and were always harmful.

Let us look at Australia as one of the most vaccinated nations, under strict lockdown still. This is what vaccination does:

Australia cases (we see the peak and decline but look what follows, the death curve):

Deaths Australia: