The Truth about the Daily Mail Article Regarding Joe Rogan Podcasts with Dr. Malone and Dr. McCullough; I share this from Dr. Malone's stack as a key summary, very enlightening

by Paul Alexander

Malone is being attacked viciously when he is only trying to save lives, it's incredible

Robert W Malone MD, MS

10 min ago


“The truth about Joe Rogan's controversial guests: 'Father of mRNA' Dr Malone pointed out that hospitals get COVID bonuses and said Biden government is 'out of control' - while Dr McCullough said US is hypnotized and 'pandemic is plandemic'“

Dear Editors, Daily Mail

I am writing to request a public retraction with apology for the numerous false statements made by Harriet Alexander and The Daily Mail.  These false statements include the following:

1)    “On January 10, more than 250 doctors signed an open letter to Spotify, entitled: 'A call from the global scientific and medical communities to implement a misinformation policy.'”  A minority of these signatories were physicians, and the majority included nurses, trainees, and podcasters.  In contrast, the International Alliance of Physicians and Medical Scientists (for which I serve as President) has over 17,000 validated signatories of the Physician’s declaration, and all are physicians and medical scientists

“He is a California-born doctor who pioneered mRNA vaccines. He describes himself as a carpenter and farmhand from California, who began to study science and became a pioneer in mRNA vaccine technology.”  This is an intentional gross misrepresentation of my qualifications, which are readily available (including the issued mRNA and DNA vaccine patents) at

Google Scholar ,

Original data, notes, patents, early papers, lab notes, meeting notes, patent disclosures and more labbooks, disclosures here.

and attached documents: RW Malone, MD Bio sketch, and RW Malone MD, CV

3)    This quote is inaccurate; “'I was the guy that first acquired (hydroxychloroquine) because I had Chinese connections,' Malone told Rogan.”  What I said was that I was the first to acquire the treatment protocol from China.  Relating to this, video documentation of the efforts of BARDA Director Dr. Rick Bright and acting FDA director Dr. Janet Woodcock to suppress outpatient access to Hydroxychloroquine . 

4)    Regarding the activity of both Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, I refer Ms. Alexander to the excellent summary developed by the Attorney General of the State of Nebraska concerning this topic. This recent paper on the use of ivermectin is also useful.

5)    A summary of the studies demonstrating that natural immunity is superior to vaccine induced immunity

6)    “There have been isolated reports of deaths being initially misclassified, but no evidence of widespread falsification of data, as claimed by Malone.” This is a false statement, and represents hearsay not supported by evidence from Ms. Alexander. In contrast, the CDC and Dr. Deborah Birx has acknowledged this misclassification, which represents widespread falsification of deaths due to COVID-19.  Evidence of data falsification by DoD concerning these data (  ) is pending and will be released shortly.

7)    Regarding the incidence of hospitalized myocarditis in adolescents, the most comprehensive study is titled “Epidemiology of Acute Myocarditis/Pericarditis in Hong Kong Adolescents Following Comirnaty Vaccination”, and indeed demonstrates an incidence of approximately 1 in 2700 in boys. This study can be found here But if one wishes to pursue SOME of the other adverse events of these vaccines, here are many more peer reviewed references.

8)    “While there is a legal gray area for mandating vaccines authorized for emergency use, businesses, employers and state governments generally have the power to require vaccination, experts say.” This statement is readily demonstrated to be false, and represents unattributed hearsay. Multiple federal court and Supreme court cases have rejected the illegal Biden mandates, and multiple additional cases remain pending.

9)    “Psychology experts say there is no support for the 'psychosis' theory described by Malone.” Again, hearsay, and demonstrably false.  One such “expert” cited by the associated press is actively involved in “nudging” the british population, and hearings are currently in progress in Great Britian concerning this.  The academic research concerned has now been published by Professor Dr. Mattias Desmet in his book “The Psychology of Totalitarianism” (De Psychologie van Totalitarisme, in Dutch, English translation in progress). This scholarly work is built on over 200 years of academic work.

10) “There is no data to support his assertion that the vaccine is killing more adults than it saves.” Undocumented hearsay.  There are multiple studies, not the least of which include the growing body of actuarial evidence and the recent DoD data from the DMED database provided by DoD employee whistleblowers. It is important to remember that one must use age stratification tables when looking at this data. How many young, healthy, normal lives have been lost, compared to how many elderly and obese lives saved?

It is disappointing that the Daily Mail substitutes disinformation and hearsay for actual medical data and established fact in this publication.  Spreading medical disinformation endangers patient lives. In the future, the Daily Mail would be better served by employing experienced medical writers when reviewing information provided by highly qualified medical and scientific experts.

Dr. Robert W. Malone