There is significant heart damage, MYOCARDITIS, from the COVID vaccine & now a game is being played: "Hospital Ad Attempts to Normalize Myocarditis as Common Kids Ailment"

by Paul Alexander

Parents were lied to about low VAX myocarditis risk when CDC and NIH and FDA and Fauci and Walensky knew there was heavy risk and now we are paying a price, but they are trying to normalize it


Hospital Ad Attempts to Normalize Myocarditis as Common Kids Ailment

Before the COVID-19 mRNA became available to children, they rarely developed myocarditis. Most pediatric myocarditis cases came from severe colds and resolved on their own, without intense medical intervention.

A study in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that COVID-19 shots increased myocarditis risk, particularly in young boys and men.

“Based on passive surveillance reporting in the US, the risk of myocarditis after receiving mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccines was increased across multiple age and sex strata and was highest after the second vaccination dose in adolescent males and young men,” the study concluded.’