There Was No Covid-19 Pandemic! BOOM, now he is on my page! Occam's Razor, the biology of viruses, the naked ambition for power and the Philosopher's Stone. William Hunter Dun

by Paul Alexander

William Hunter Duncan:

‘I hope to show that every word of it is false.

Our first bit of evidence are these videos from Jonathan Couey, first with Mathew Crawford on Rounding the Earth podcast:

Rounding the Earth Newsletter
SARS-CoV-2 Origins, Infectious Clones, Biowarfare, and Robert Malone
My Monday interview with J.J. Couey was one of the most dense with information and reasonable hypotheses and theories of any I've had during the pandemic, recorded or otherwise. If you're interested in the SARS-CoV-2 origins story, you're going to want to watch this. We cover several topics and threads that haven't been discussed anywhere, and I think w…
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and the second from Twitch:

Jonathan is a biologist and virologist who has been reporting on Covid-19 since the beginning, accepting some of the official narrative but certain the virus was engineered. It has only been the last year when it has dawned on him, most of the basis for the narrative is biologically false.

The corona virus is an RNA virus. Because RNA is only a single strand of genetic material as opposed to the double strand of DNA, but also very long, a virus making copies of itself using RNA as a blueprint leads to many copy errors. Between 90-99+% of the copies it makes of itself are replication incompetent. A corona virus can not in fact cause a pandemic, because as soon as the original virus passes through a series of hosts, the virus is no longer anything like the master sequence and is neither transmissible nor a danger. Biology dictates that a corona virus might create a local problem, isolated for a short period of time, but nothing like a global pandemic or even regional epidemic. Likewise, all the talk of this and that Covid-19 variant is smoke and mirrors. In the words of Jonathan Couey, we got “Scooby Doo’ed.” The scary virus had it’s mask taken off (pardon the pun) and was revealed to be a psyop.

But there is a virus, yes? Yes and no. The PCR test used for virus detection was designed for false positives. Corona viruses are endemic to us, there is no shortage of corona background noise in our system. Also, the flu supposedly disappeared for two years; there have historically been around 200 different respiratory viruses generally categorized under influenza or pneumonia. Then there was one. Very likely, many people who had the flu or pneumonia were told they had corona. Claiming they had no way to treat Covid-19, go home and come back if you turn blue, the illness was allowed to progress to acute pneumonia, and then at hospital they were effectively killed with Remdesivir and ventilators, plus the basic despair of dying alone without family or friends.

What Covid-19 virus there is would have to be “purified” by a method pioneered by Ralph Baric at UNC, by which a great many perfect copies of the master virus sequence using a medium such as ecoli are made. If such a purified virus were then released into a population, because there are so many perfect copies the likelihood that it can spread person to person through a lot of people is far greater, while initially making people very ill. But even the purified copies mass produced and released will before long revert to replication incompetent swarms, long before becoming a pandemic.

In that sense, all the talk about gain of function is mostly smoke and mirrors too. They want you to believe any joe schmo with the tech and know-how can cook up some pandemic nasty in his garage (I have said as much in this substack.) But that is simply not the case. Nature does not work that way. What governments with seemingly unlimited resources can do, is create a great many potential bioweapons, freak viruses none of which can make a pandemic or even epidemic, but might be purified and spread as a weapon to simulate an epidemic or pandemic. It might be too, the virus purified was used simply to seed the sewers, to give the impression that covid-19 was everywhere.

The danger is less from the virus bioweapon, than the gene editing fake vaccines created and mandated, in response to the fake pandemic.

It is entirely possible there is no such thing as a respiratory pandemic and there never was. More people are questioning the very idea of pandemics, including the 1917-18 Spanish Flu. Dr Mike Yeadon at least is certain a respiratory virus pandemic is not possible.

The bioweapon Covid-19 virus was released, possibly by the Chinese accidentally or not, possibly too by America in the vicinity of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, or perhaps even as a joint operation by elements in America and China. There was a banking crisis looming, the Fed needed to print at least 5 trillion to keep the banks afloat, flood the economy with at least 10trillion, for the wealthiest to buy up the wreckage of covid-19 economic devastation. This is just a step process to eventually owning everything, we are all just renters, the new digital currency dictates what we can and cannot buy and how much, while the few who own everything have no limits or boundaries. (China’s incentive was to use lockdown to round up undesirable dissidents and enemies of the Party.)

In that sense the nature vs lab origin debate is just part of the psyop. Nature can’t make a pandemic, nor can scientists. This is supposedly a national security issue, we are in a race to find virus nasties to make vaccines for, in case someone uses a bioweapon against us, we have to be prepared, so we are going to perpetrate a bioweapon attack against you and call it a pandemic, as a kind of trial run for future lockdowns because of “inevitable” bioweapon attacks.

This is also part of the general bio-security plan, to use The Science to keep tabs on everything about us, to inculcate in us a fear of nature, to seed the idea that nature is the source of all illness and pharma is the cure (when everything about biology suggests the opposite is true, chemicals/pharma is more likely the disease, nature is the cure.)

Also, there are 8+ billion people on the planet, that is more genetic information than has ever been or ever will be, the transhumanist God is AI, all that testing for covid-19 is DNA data to feed the AI with. They want to normalize the regular gathering of our genetic data. That is why they are mandating jabs and mass testing on college campus, not because students are at risk, but because they are relatively diverse, of a ‘higher’ intelligence, they are the future intelligentsia and globalist administration, normalize the giving up of personal sovereignty and information, lockdown, mandates, masks, so that when they are running things they will default with authoritarianism.

Also, there are resource constraints. This is all part of a process to centralize global power, to manage the perceived inevitable population draw down (and to hasten it apparently)(climate ideology too is just a pretext.)

That was a rough synopsis of Jonathan Couey’s perspective, with a bit of my taking it a step further, or two.

Alexandra Sasha Latypova is a Russian emigre, an American citizen, with 25 years of experience working in the pharmaceutical industry. These are talks with Tessa Lena, Mathew Crawford and Katherine Watt at Bailiwick News. Very informative.

Tessa Fights Robots
"Garbage Soup": Alexandra Latypova on Regulatory and Manufacturing Fraud in C-19 Injections
This story is about my conversation with Alexanda Latypova, a Soviet expat and pharmaceutical industry expert. Alexandra grew up in Soviet Ukraine and immigrated to America in the late 1990s. She got her MBA from Dartmouth College and the spent about twenty five years in pharmaceutical industry and biotech (including in the areas of drug safety and cli…
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Two years into vaccinations for Covid-19 and we still have no idea what is in the jabs. No one is testing the jabs, not governments nor the pharmaceutical companies, for quality, and they won’t allow anyone else to test the jabs either. Anecdotal evidence, from researchers around the globe surreptitiously testing, reveal the jabs are what Sasha calls, “garbage soup.” She suggests first, there is no way to have scaled up efficiently in one year, to jab a few billion people in a short period of time and have uniform across-batch quality, or any quality at all, or the jabs even being what they say they are. The jabs would have to be in the works for the better part of a decade to be true. Second, there is no testing of quality so, little incentive to maintain quality, especially when the jabs are already paid for. Third, synthetic mRNA is highly unstable and effectively impossible to maintain the integrity of, over any length of time in the delivery process. Fourth, and this is just me, if there is no real virus pandemic the jabs could be filled with whatever.

There are too many steps in the process, the making of synthetic mRNA and assuring it’s quality and standardization through to delivery is simply not possible, making billions of jabs in such a short time. That is why some batches have proved more dangerous to some people than others. That is in part why some people have died from the jab while others have had no negative effects, the contents varying batch to batch. This also implies, the jabs could have all been saline if there was no actual widespread Covid-19 disease, but instead they are “garbage soup.” The point of the jabs was not public health, it was about demanding public acceptance of jabs and authoritarian mandates during bioweapon attacks. The Phizer data reveals, the scale of adverse events were entirely predictable. Because they chose the spike as the mechanism for the gene therapy, any and all adverse jab events can be blamed on the supposed virus, the more adverse events in that regard, the better to inflame societal fear of the (fake) virus and elicit the normalization of authoritarianism

Ms Latypova and Katherine Watt reveal this was a Dept of Defense operation, not a public health response. Phizer and Moderna answer directly to DoD, they deliver the product directly to DoD, DoD delivers the product to the medical community. Katherine Watt shows us, Health and Human Services was involved insofar as there is an entire legal framework for martial law under HHS, giving the HHS director effectively dictatorial control over the public health response. We have been in a quasi state of martial law for three years now, and there does not seem any indication the federal government is ever going to give that up. HHS and it’s director and the Dept of Homeland Security answer to DoD according to the terms of Warp Speed. It all comes back to national security and DoD.

In that sense too, we can say the pharmaceutical companies are effectively controlled by DoD. While many like to make a bugaboo of the CIA, the real monster is Defense Intelligence, which is why we can assume the Pentagon effectively directing FBI, DHS, NSA and CIA control of social media and major media generally, as revealed by the Twitter Files. Censorship of criticism of covid policy would have given the Stasi awe.

They also discuss Other Transaction Authority (OTA), granted to Phizer and Moderna, which is a contract with the government in this case DoD, that effectively removes any and all regulation that would otherwise be required for a vaccine. Phizer and Moderna also argued that a 2005 ruling by the WHO, that gene therapies are not in fact medicine, meaning they should not have of follow any regulation for vaccines. With the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), and blanket immunity from liability, the jabs could be nothing more than vodka tonic and Pharma and the Feds could argue to have a fraud case thrown out of court and more than likely win. Rounds for everybody.

This was a national security operation, long in the works, likely since the Great Recession which spurred DoD and government generally to prepare for the next great bubble, that would be bigger than all the economic bubbles that have come before, combined, to prepare for a controlled demolition of the global economy for a post fossil fuel age, aka the Great Reset, with Covid-19 as the excuse to introduce a biosecurity, digital currency, metaverse authoritarianism.

So why would I say I am using Occam’s Razor like a sword, cutting through the official narrative? Occam’s Razor is defined as a method of teasing out the simplest answer, which is typically the right or most likely answer. What is simple about this alternative narrative as I have tried to compile, with the help of the work of Jonathan Couey, Sasha Latypova and Katherine Watt?

Hubris. This is what hubris looks like, in the latter stages of the decline of a civilization, the overweening belief in one’s inevitability when in fact you are doomed. It is the quite insane, naked pursuit of terrestrial power, and never before in the history of the world have so many (middling) people have the ability to nakedly seek such immense, unaccountable power over so many. All of the Federal government of these United States is effectively beyond accountability, or at least it appears that way, and that power combined with seeming invincibility warps human psychology in profound ways. It is hard to imagine anyone wielding the kind of power mere technocrats have these days and not losing one’s humanity. This is an excellent example for humanity, we simply cannot give human beings such immense, unchecked power without it turning inhuman, deadly pathology directed back at us.

This is a simpler narrative than the official too because to say corona viruses can’t cause pandemics biologically is a lot more honest than saying anybody with the tech can make any virus they want, any one virus of which might cause a pandemic perhaps much worse than Covid-19, or that we need to give up all our sovereignty and freedom to globalist technocrats to protect us from a thing that is entirely fiction.

So you see, the empire has no clothes. The DoD and our globalist Transhumanist overlords are totally full of shit, insofar as their dreams of control, technical brilliance and evolutionary and intellectual superiority FAR outpace their actual ability, and they are forced to retreat into smoke and mirrors, fancy light shows and overt authoritarianism to hide that simple fact, biology trumps their tech and they are merely human after all.

Self driving automobiles, flying cars, jet packs, super duper cyborg warriors, designer babies, terrestrial immortality, becoming the singularity, robots doing all the manual labor, neuralink, gain of function pandemics made in garages, global programmable digital currencies, Metaversez (are there viurusez in the Metaverse?), AI, it is all little more than the fever dreams of control freaks.

They have convinced us they are capable of creating all-knowing AI that will help us them transcend our their gross biology, into the age of grand-cyborg transhumanism. They thought they would get there while removing us of our personal sovereignty and freedom, eat ze insects, or by simply getting rid of the vast majority of us. Granted, they can do an enormous amount of damage on their way down, with their Crisper gene editing and gene drive technologies, etc biotech, but it is more a destructive than constructive tech, and more manageable than trying to fight the all-powerful all-knowing mirage they generate. The greatest threat is probably some hideous bio attack on a population in these states, perpetrated by our government against us, blamed on Russia or China, as a pretext for permanent lockdown, social credit, digital currency, no more socialization, eternal war (oh wait, they’re already doing that.)

Meanwhile they already have done a lot of damage they are denying, and are blaming anything and anyone but themselves. But they are having a harder time denying the damage, and increasingly there are signs they are trying to figure out how to get out of the way of the blowback.


This substack, by contrast, is engaged in reminding people about our innate, magical, biological birthright. This substack exists in part to remind people about crazy fringe ideas like the search for the philosopher’s stone. Surely you have heard of it, some Hollywood version, Harry Potter maybe? What is the mythological philosopher’s stone, of the great, mysterious alchemists?

You are.

Your body. Your consciousness. You are the connection to the divine, God, the creative source. Augmenting your body and consciousness with fancy high tech is a false promise, you don’t need any of that, you already have all you need, it is your birthright as human. Try saying, “I am the philosopher’s stone.”

You might have noticed, that is not what your betters believe about you. Much of this Covid-19 “pandemic” was about separating you from what makes you human. The masks, the social distancing, the suggestion that if we spend time together it is akin to killing people, the shaming of pregnant women to get jabbed, to mask while they nurse their babies, the keeping of children away from other children, the masking of them when they were allowed to be together, the “nudging” to get us to fear and despise and shame each other, the encouragement that we should think of ourselves as a plague upon the earth, the idea that salvation/security is in technology and handing over our personal sovereignty and freedom to technocrats, the constant attack on every tradition, on any given word on any given day, of the meaning that defines us, the censoring of anything not officially sanctioned as if we are too stupid to think for ourselves, the abusive gaslighting, the slandering of the “antivaxxers”, the cancelling, the ostracizing, the firing, calling us liars and misinformation operatives if we dare question the official narrative - the constant demoralizing mind fuck.

Technocrats, the bio-security pandemicists and transhuman global eugenicists want you to hate your humanity, hate your biology as a thing abhorrent, lose your useless eater life in drugs and entertainment media - trust The Science and get on your proverbial knees. The post-modern wokesters would emotionally stunt you and have you subsumed in the trans, non-binary collective, shame you as an oppressor/exalt you as a victim, reverse your order. Don’t breed for the sake of the earth. If you can’t get along, kill yourself. If you must live, you will do as we say. Take your shots. Don’t ask questions. Obey.

I prefer to embrace nature, celebrate biology, encourage and expand on my individuality, see myself as a kind of tuning fork for the divine, translator of the astral realm, like a tributary of the source of creativity. I prefer to trust myself, to know what is best for myself, I have no need for transhumanists, wokesters, technocrats, media or Intelligence Agents to tell me how to be. Our human biology is the culmination of four billion years of life on earth. I don’t need any high tech to see that, to find myself. The historical wealth of what I am in myself as myself is vastly more than any promise of the mistaken masses of any Age, least of all in the decline of a civilization.

I recommend reflecting on the philosopher’s stone, in 2023. Know thyself is the thing, it always has been and it always will be, no matter what the folks running the narrative have to say about it.

May 2023 be your best year yet.’

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There Was No Covid-19 Pandemic
In lieu of a 2022 retrospective, I thought I might wield Occam’s Razor like a sword and cut down the Covid 19 narrative we have all been living with the last three years, with the help of the work of the biologist Jonathan Couey, journalist/artist Sasha Latypova and Katherine Watt at Bailiwick News. I am not a scientist, a legal scholar or a journalist…
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