These young men deserve huge praise and recognition, celebrate them for this act of benevolence: 'Rome High School football players rush to assist motorist trapped in car'

by Paul Alexander

Beautiful young men, beautiful act, God's children, I wish them huge lives! Success! When good young people do good things, we capture them being good and showcase and honor them!

A group of Rome High School football players rushed to the aid of a motorist involved in a wreck in front of the high school Friday morning.

The wreck involved a small silver sedan that had been damaged after another car pulled in front of it, according to Rome police. When teens noticed the driver was stuck in the vehicle, which began smoking, they rushed to her aid.

“This morning I witnessed something amazing that our Football players did. While I was in front of the school during my morning duty, I heard a loud noise at the intersection that appeared to be a wreck,” Luis Goya, a teacher at Rome City Schools said in a post to his social media page. “While I was running to the intersection, I noticed that two cars were involved. There was a 50-year-old lady trapped in her car and couldn’t get out. Smoke started to come out of the car, and fluid started to spill everywhere in the intersection. The door was jammed and in terrible shape.”