“They Kiss Zelenskyy’s Ass While American Babies Have No Formula” – GOP Senators Including Mitch McConnell Fly to Ukraine to Stand Against Russia" — War Room Goes Off: Breitbart

by Paul Alexander

It ain't just Mitch! 149 Republican Representatives voted to send $40 billion to Ukraine last week. ONE HUNDRED FORTY NINE!; Steve Bannon is over the target! War Room again!

Ukraine is the money trough, the slush fund, the ponzi scheme, the place where your son or daughter or homie goes to get a crooked kickback contract…and now, they are lining up to cough cough rebuild cough cough

Ken said:

They are smiling because they are going to get their snouts in the trough that we the taxpayers are about to fill up. Biden's, Romney's, Pelosi's and Kerry's sons are already dialed in for the Burisma cash--another American Taxpayer boondoggle! Why do you think the Congress wanted impeach/degrade Trump for holding the foreign aid payments up until he could investigate the kick-backs. That is why Giuliani was in the Ukraine.