"TOP COP PROCEDURE": Dewitt Lee (Buffalo resident) explains that Buffalo police officers' response to TOPS supermarket mass shooting & how it is a top cop procedure being followed

by Paul Alexander

Lee explains that how the buffalo police responded should be the benchmark training in a high risk shooting and how the Texas police failed...there is lots in this short talk but some great sense too

My take away message from the discussion with this Buffalo native was how great the Buffalo police were in performing their job, managing to capture the shooter and afford him his rights as evil and craven as he was; they should be commended for bravery and staring fear in the face and doing their job. This is very different to what we saw in Texas, based on all we know thus far. IMO, in a situation where you needed to use your weapon and overcome your fears, the Texas Uvalde police FROZE and listened to a command (if as reported) that should have been disregarded. There is a time you disregard a wrong command or law. They were on the outside room listening to shots fired and kids were on the inside, 3 feet away, defenseless. They SHOULD have overcame their fears and slaughtered the shooter.

My understanding is many of the children bled out and could have been alive too. So this is gut wrenching to even write.


Buffalo police officers' response to TOPS supermarket mass shooting: top cop procedure followed