Twitter: Dr. Ladapo, DeSantis's Surgeon General says it's criminal what TWITTER & big TECH does & I agree 100%, crushing decent & voices that question the false COVID policies & narrative

by Paul Alexander

Florida’s Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo says Twitter has a “disregard” for human rights after censorship; analysis showed an increased risk of cardiac-related death among men 18-39 taking COVID jab

We, I will not be silent in Florida, he is saying and TWITTER will not silence me.

Rogan is speechless again as Ladapo is throwing bombs now! Ladapo is ‘over the target’ and hitting at the very heart, striking it, he is bombing the very heart of the fraud corrupted pharma industrial complex and they don’t like it. For they know in him, they got a worthy opponent. He is going deep into enemy territory.

You got to hand it to Ladapo, he is balanced and finessed, he knows when to keep the boot on the neck and he is doing that now, on big TECH like no one else could for he bring the real knowledge, depth, breadth, and gravitas. He is not one of the ‘wanna bes’ in the fight. He has remained silent as he studied and is now coming out to play and they best be warned. He can back that sugar up!


“It is really almost criminal,” Dr. Ladapo told Bannon, “…In terms of, how much disregard that they have for human rights. And I’m not talking just about Twitter, but this whole body that thinks it’s OK to crush the voices of others, because you don’t like their message.”

“It’s a message for people, for humanity so that people can make informed decisions,” he continued.

“You want to do more research; terrific. You think you’ve already seen enough evidence and you think our methods are persuasive to you; terrific.”