UK COVID-double and triple (boosted) vaccinated data 2022: Why are infection rates in the vaccinated and unvaccinated falling? Is the INNATE immunity showing its potent hand now?

by Paul Alexander

I agree with Geert that the population is now regaining the functionality of its innate immune system that protects again COVID-it is why children do so well with their functional innate immunity

There is a pattern whereby the infection in the vaccinated is decreasing and the infection in the unvaccinated is also decreasing. Why? I discuss below.

These people, these technocrats and govn leaders have harmed out police and military with these ineffective and unsafe vaccines so right now, we do not even know how inoperable longer term our military is. Our police is. How much they will be harmed and even die ‘in time’. I do not know but I am saying there will be serious harms and deaths to them from these vaccines.

I, two years ago with the likes of Atlas, Kulldorff, Gupta, Bhattacharya, McCullough, Risch etc. wrote extensively why the only way out of this was simply to strongly protect the vulnerable and allow the rest of society to live normal lives. I became linked to McCullough and Risch and Zelenko and Urso and Ladapo etc. with early treatment and we wrote the several papers and treatment algorithms and we were smeared and attacked. Repeatedly smeared, and today, it is now come full circle. We were right, 100%.

OK, back to the issue of why infection rates are declining in the vaccinated and unvaccinated? Are we currently benefitting from a circulating virus (Omicron) that is resistant to the antibodies? Is out innate immunity pulling us out of the madness with the vaccine? The weekly data sure looks enticing and seems to show a pattern.

One theory by Geert that makes sense to me is that the resistance of omicron variant to the vaccinal Abs puts them in a position where the vaccinal Abs do not ‘outcompete’ the innate Abs leaving the innate Abs ‘free’…they are ‘set free’ to regain their functional capacity to sterilize the virus and thus this may account for the reducing infection in the vaccinated. It may well be that the reducing infection in the vaccinated is due to the innate Abs regaining its capacity to eliminate the virus.

Infection data for weeks 5, 6, 7, and 8.

Week 8, 2022

Week 8

UK COVID-19 vaccine surveillance report Week 7 17 February 2022

Week 7

COVID-19 vaccine surveillance report Week 6 10 February 2022

Week 6:

COVID-19 vaccine surveillance report Week 5 3 February 2022

Week 5


Did you se the pattern? It is very interesting and eye-opening. What is your view on why this is happening?

The 3rd column of unvaccinated appears to be decreasing across time…why? could it be due to more exposure time and thus more time for the unvaccinated to be exposed, become infected, clear and recover and is now naturally immune? Moreover, unvaccinated but constantly exposed, almost boosting their natural immunity and thus in a much better position to ward off new infection. Is this the reason to explain the declining rates of infection in the unvaccinated across time, thus this concept of ‘innate Ab training’ with exposure, as GVB would describe, and thus likely increased affinity for the antigen?? In other words with the ‘training’ the innate Abs have developed higher affinity to the antigen? GVB reminds us that the innate Ab is low affinity for the antigen yet high potency, but broad, and non-specific. So maybe the innate Ab in training across time is developing affinity for the antigen and thus more able to sterilize/neutralize the virus??? Remember, we are in the midst of a pandemic so virus (OMICRON) is circulating. Does this mean that nations that do not vaccinate at high levels and as aggressively, may have reduced infection among the unvaccinated due to the unvaccinated have more time for ‘training’ of innate?