UK Covid Response Timeline

by Paul Alexander

  • March 2020 (102 documents)

    The initiation of the first lockdown in the UK.

  • April 2020 (174 documents)

    The effect of the first lockdown in the UK.

  • Sep-Oct 2020 (121 documents)

    The initiation of tiered restrictions in the UK

  • Nov-Dec 2020 (110 documents)

    The second lockdown in the UK

  • Jan-Apr 2021 (223 documents)

    The third lockdown in the UK

  • Dec 14-21, 2021 (38 documents)

    Unprecedented calls for further restrictions on the back of the emerging omicron variant.

  • Google Sheet Link: (current number of entries, n=768)

Trust the Evidence
UK Covid Response Timeline
On 6 September, we asked whether Grant Shapps was right to do his own research on Christmas lockdowns. In response, we wrote the back-pedalling race begins and asked for readers’ help to build a freely available timeline of the six critical decision timepoints with links to primary documents underpinning policies…
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