Understanding HERD immunity; a BASIC primer

by Paul Alexander

I have always said, if a proper legal court with a judge says they must hang for the COVID deaths they have caused, then they must hang! I will not argue against a judge's ruling, would you?

Personally, my great great x, x, grandfather on my mother’s side, was a real plantation slave in the islands of my birth. With Venezuelan and Caribbean island roots. My grandparents on my father’s side are from Syria and Lebanon, Cuba and Panama. Point is, this sh*t runs deep in my veins, it is me, painful, persecution for my ancestry, yet it does not confuse me or limit or constrain me. It has sensitized me to reality, the historical context, and I have risen above it, used it to fuel me, and do not hate. So as to help add my little verse to the song of life, just a little one, to make the world a better place with my little contribution, as I am small. I am honored and privileged to be part of the COVID battle, a battle against lockdown lunatics and Branch COVIDians who have worked together to hurt people, to damage populations and have directly caused deaths by their unsound specious policies.

I share this to highlight that someone like me see the goodness in people of this world who embrace differences and celebrate it.

When I was at the Trump administration at HHS as a Senior Pandemic Advisor to the A Secretary, I saw data and reports that were harrowing. We had reporting of parents (across US States) who beat their child to a pulp in frustration (telling ER doctors, pleading to save the child) of being locked down and being violent to each other then beating the child senseless; children committed suicide due to school closures etc.

Accountability is a must.

Children, millions, especially poor minority (black and brown kids and white kids, all kids, poor kids), starved for months in America with no food, none for the day, when schools were closed for their only meal was the school lunch etc. They depended on it to eat. Many children depended on the school to get eyes and ears tested for the first time and for many, the only time. That did not happen when we carte blanche closed schools with no underpinning science.

The usual failed, specious, corrupted, incompetent public health officials at CDC, NIH, FDA, PHAC etc. and government officials, does not understand that the only way you can end a pandemic (tame it) is via cutting the chain of transmission. You end the pandemic by getting to HERD immunity, when you are at HERD. At HERD, transmission stops. Case closed, that is the objective, whereby transmission is abrogated and stopped, whereby not every person is immune, but enough, a sufficient critical threshold number is immune (naturally or via vaccine or combination), and this reduces the chance of an uninfected or unvaccinated person (usually high-risk elderly who are immuno-senescenced due to aging and non-compliant, sluggish weaker immune systems, and cannot be exposed or vaccinated for some reason) coming into contact with the infectious virus (pathogen in question) via an infected person who is transmitting. This critical number of immune in the population blocks further transmission to the uninfected and this is HERD immunity. I had advocated for HERD immunity right from the beginning.

Sadly, all I have said is coming to fruition.

You do that by natural exposure immunity (or vaccine yet the COVID gene injection ‘so called’ vaccine was known near day one to be non-sterilizing (non-neutralizing with virus/variants that became largely resistant to the induced antigenic-specific vaccinal antibodies) and unable to stop infection, replication, or transmission). So vaccine was off the table in getting to HERD immunity.

Again, you only end a pandemic by cutting the chain of transmission and you do this by getting to HERD immunity, and will always be that way and you get there via immunity in the population. Immunity via natural exposure and recovery, or vaccine. This COVID vaccine cannot confer immunity and never did.

We advocated for you living life normally, the low-risk healthy persons who could handle the pathogen, with ‘natural’ and ‘harmless’ exposure with normal day to day living, taking reasonable precautions. The core principle I and others have advocated for (tried and tested) including GBD is you only isolate the symptomatic and sick (or test), while strongly protecting the high-risk vulnerable and allowing the vast rest of society to live free, no lockdown or no school closure, especially when dealing with a pathogen with an Infection fatality Rate (IFR) this low (at or below seasonal influenza). We were never dealing with a pathogen with an IFR akin to SARS-1 (2003) or MERS (2012) or EBOLA or Nipah virus or similar. We knew this 2 to 3 weeks out in March 2020 that persons 70 to 75 years of age and below, had a near 100% risk of survival if exposed and infected. THIS REMAINS SAME TODAY. Had we been dealing with a pathogen with a 50% mortality, that would have been a different discussion and way different response. We were not.

Accountability is a must.