URGENT: call for a Canada wide walk-out Feb 21st onwards, please share this and listen...this could have actually been me speaking hhhhmm

by Paul Alexander

Please share far and wide....we are now going to being this urgent demand that the mandates be all lifted and the emergency declaration be removed, PERIOD! there is zero basis for this.

There is a call on the Canadian and US trucker.

We must always act legally and peacefully. At no time engage in any illegality or violence. This is a peaceful slow roll and we will let you know how the protest is being ramped up…

The trucker risked everything; you cannot just cheer them on, we all must put skin in this game. The trucker risked it all and all must now share in the sacrifice.

Parliament must always act legally and lawfully. No one must ask parliament to do anything that is not legal.


and me: