US SENATE PHOTOS with Senator Ron Johnson

by Paul Alexander

SENATE Photos Wednesday 7th December, 2022 with Senator Johnson and colleagues

The magnificent Dr. Thorp sits behind me here, Aaron Siri to my left, what a giant in reproductive medicine is Dr. Thorp!

I stood here with 2 great people, Dr. Harvey Risch and Senator Ron Johnson

Senator Johnson briefing us as to the debate format before we began the session (Dr. McCullough, seen here, given his leadership in the COVID freedom movement from day one, was placed in charge when Senator Johnson had to step out to the Senate Floor on various scheduled votes):


We see the potent Dr. Long second from left (military officer):

And we see Dr. Lindsay:

Giant Dr. Paul Marik and Dr. Harvey Risch and I:

Drs. Cole, Wiseman, and McCullough with me:

I was graced by the great McCullough and Risch