"V" is for Venezuela

by Paul Alexander

My friend Alex Holstein shared this and I find quite interesting and may be instructive...

"V" is for Venezuela

And "X" marks the spot...

Alex Holstein

Mar 22


We don’t need the full article in Foreign Policy to know why the United States should paint a big red “X” over the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

It’s time for the White House to get serious about toppling the illegal and belligerent regime of Nicolás Maduro. Forget making nice-nice with him to beg for oil we can produce ourselves, or even get elsewhere (at least from other SOBs who are, at least, our SOBs). Removing Maduro would not only clear the way for Juan Guaidó, the country’s legitimately recognized president; but would also be a huge blow to Russia, which has been backing up the Maduro regime with billions in military and economic aid, and considers Venezuela a key strategic ally and frontline point of projection in America’s backyard.

A match made in hell as far as U.S. national security is concerned.

Take out Maduro, leave the old Reds red-faced, and watch Cuba come to heel.