VACCINE Mandates dropping like flies: "Boeing drops vaccine mandate for U.S. workers, joining Amtrak and other major federal contractors so I ask why?????????

by Paul Alexander

Another one bites the dust; I compiled over 35 studies showing the vaccine has failed, failed against the virus (Delta and Omicron) and this is why...once there is a half decent lawyer, he/she can win

Another one bites the dust!!!!!!!!!!!

See my two Brownstone papers and it tells you why…it tells you why these cannot hold up in court with proper filing for the data and science is clear…there is no difference between vaxxed and unvaxxed and in fact, the unvaxxed has to fear the vaxxed in terms of shedding/transmission. There is zero reason to segregate the vaxxed from the unvaxxed. Zero, in this condition.



Yes, its because lawyers are showing them the 36 or so studies I compiled for Brownstone showing the vaccine has failed on Delta and Omicron and there is no difference between the vaxxed and unvaxxed becoming infected, colonizing this virus, and transmitting it to the vulnerable unvaxxed. Its because of brave Americans standing up to defend their liberties and bodily integrity. They could not wait for these sell out doctors to defend them and their safety, these bought out doctors among us.

But dont tell Uncle Joe about this ruling….ssshhhhhh, or his unscientific and illogical nonsensical government. Just look at the clown car daily we are treated to…look at what these imcompetents, these ineffectual bungling blockheads did with Afghanistan pull out. Look at the disaster they have created at the border. Sure makes Trump’s COVID Task Force daily clown car show look intellectual when it was a complete mess itself. Put a pin in that for a moment. No no no, Uncle Joe appears to signal that they are simply operating as if no legal judicial rulings have come….I tell you you its like animal house up in 1600….

I feel sorry for Jen Psaki (Press secretary). My view is you cannot but feel sorry. You may have your views etc. I wont go there. Not my business as not into gossip. I feel sorry for the sheer depth of incompetence and stupidity she has to daily come out there to defend and with a straight face…and to defend Uncle Joe and the idiots in his administration who talk garbage. And actually engage in actions that are damaging to the US. To also have Tony Fauci in a major role in his COVID response shows how out of lunch he and they are when Fauci and Birx are the two principle architects of the damage POTUS Trump suffered in his pandemic response. Fauci in my opinion is the most inept incompetent irrelevant bench pipette scientist…I challenge anyone to produce one statement from him since Jan 2020 that is correct and credible…you can find none and nothing he says is backed by science.

Amy Cheng

Sat, December 18, 2021, 7:59 AM

“Boeing is dropping a policy requiring all U.S.-based employees to be vaccinated, citing a federal district court ruling earlier this month that blocked a key Biden administration immunization mandate for federal contractors and subcontractors.

The aerospace giant's announcement on Friday followed other major companies such as Amtrak and General Electric that suspended their own vaccine mandates as a result of the ongoing legal battles that pit states led by conservative attorneys general against the federal government.”