Vaccines Are Pushing Pathogens to Evolve Just as antibiotics breed resistance in bacteria, and Vaccine injuries are the sleeper issue that will rear its head in 2023

by Paul Alexander



In an ideal world, the COVID-19 vaccine rollout would have been similarly halted long ago, after the first cases of heart inflammation and instances of sudden deaths started emerging. But if you haven't yet noticed, we don't live in an ideal world.

Some might say we live in a Clown World.

As 2022 comes to a close, Canada's federal and provincial governments, public health "experts," and mainstream media outlets are still ignoring one of the most important healthcare stories of our time — the issue of COVID-19 vaccine injuries. At the moment, I would argue it's an even bigger story than COVID-19 itself.

For the record, I have not gotten a single COVID-19 vaccine. I was hesitant about getting the shots since I saw a Feb. 14, 2021 New York Post article titled "CA woman, 78, gets COVID-19 vaccine, then suddenly dies of something else." So sure, I'm biased toward these vaccines. But that doesn't negate the horrific experiences of ordinary Canadians whose lives were turned upside down after getting these "safe and effective" shots.

Back in 2021, I occasionally came across stories of COVID-19 vaccine injuries on alternative news sites. But my curiosity was piqued on June 3, 2022, when Conservative MP Cathay Wagantall was escorted out of Parliament by security for refusing to reveal her vaccination status.

During a candid conversation I had with Wagantall following her impromptu press conference, she revealed knowing several Parliament Hill staffers who had severe reactions to COVID-19 vaccines, but had remained silent.

In an uber-curious (and slightly enraged) state, I put out a call on Twitter asking to speak with Canadians who had also been injured by the shots. Over the next few weeks, my Twitter page and inbox were flooded with hundreds of people sharing horrific stories of their severe COVID-19 shot reactions. There were far too many to include in one article, so I chose to showcase just three harrowing stories.

From that point onwards, the vaccine issue became one of my beats as a reporter. I wrote an article about the onslaught of vaccine injuries paramedics were seeing, as well as the fact that many hospitals were virtually empty during the first six months of the pandemic.

I heard from dozens of women whose menstrual cycles were heavily disrupted by the shots, sometimes for a year or more.

I spoke with vaccine-injured Alberta MLA Shane Clayton Getson, who claimed doctors had been prevented from openly discussing and reporting vaccine harms.

And I talked to a security guard who worked at a vaccine clinic in rural Alberta, who said he personally saw hundreds of serious adverse reactions, including people fainting and having seizures.

Couple these stories with the myriad of disturbing medical studies that have come out this year, and one thing becomes clear. The anti-vaxxers, who were called every derogatory name under the sun just one year ago, were right to be skeptical all along.

And really, did it make sense to blindly trust a company like Pfizer, which paid out over $10 billion in fines since 2000, including the largest criminal fine in history in 2019, $2.3 billion, for illegally promoted uses of four of its drugs? 

Fool me once, shame on you...

When looking back at the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccines, it's hard to argue that we weren't all fooled by big pharma:

-We were told the shots were 95% effective (they certainly are not).

-We were told the vaccinated couldn't catch and spread COVID (they can and continue to).

-We were told we'd only need two shots (we're now on our fifth doses, but who's counting?)

-We were told the shots wouldn't impact fertility (warped menstrual cycles, nuked sperm counts and an explosion in miscarriages indicate otherwise.)

-We were told any side effects were extremely rare and would be short-lived (I've spoken with over 250 people that would have to disagree.)

The list of falsehoods goes on and on, and will undoubtedly get much longer as more information comes to light. But you wouldn't know that if you only listened to the mainstream media, which has been virtually silent on this issue, even as thousands of Canadians suffer in silence.

Despite the best efforts of those in power to ignore this growing problem, there are several reasons why I think we will successfully blow the lid off vaccine injuries in the coming year. 

The first and most obvious reason is that we saw a huge pushback against these shots toward the end of 2022. Florida's Supreme Court granted Governor Ron DeSantis' call for a grand jury to investigate COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers. Several esteemed medical professionals that once pushed for the shots, such as Dr. Aseem Malhotra and Dr. John Campell, have now changed course. Tesla CEO Elon Musk's takeover of Twitter has made the platform a beacon for free speech, allowing uncensored discussions around vaccine harms to flourish.

In Canada, a National Citizen's Inquiry will be held early in the new year, which will examine the impacts of Canada's collective response to COVID-19. Former Reform Party leader Preston Manning, who chairs the citizen's group responsible for the Inquiry, has said Canadians who were harmed by vaccine mandates and the vaccines themselves will have the chance to be heard. Canadian politicians will certainly take notice, and Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre won't hesitate to use the Inquiry as an opportunity to attack Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's pandemic policies.

On a more local level, I'm seeing a growing distrust of the injections. I've spoken to many strangers that say they are done with getting vaccinated for COVID, as they ended up contracting the virus anyways. Others tell me they feel bitter about being coerced by their governments, under the threat of job loss and social ostracization, into getting the shots. And when I inform people about all vaccine-harmed Canadians that have reached out to me, almost all of them listen intently. Gone are the days when being skeptical about the COVID shots would get you an eye roll or a stern monologue about the dangers of anti-vaxxers.

But it seems that as a whole, Canadians just want to forget about the pandemic and move on. It's perfectly understandable, given that this turbulent period of history was excruciatingly painful for many. Only a severe masochist would want to rehash a time when people lost their jobs, couldn't see their loved ones, and couldn't travel or participate in normal activities, all while living under the constant threat of a deadly (or perhaps not-so-deadly) virus.

However, the negative impacts of our government's COVID-19 policies will be seen for many years to come, which necessitates a careful examination of what went wrong. For one thing, lockdowns and vaccine mandates were an unprecedented violation of Canadians' civil liberties, and there is growing evidence to suggest these Orwellian measures weren't even necessary. To ensure this dark chapter of Canadian history doesn't repeat itself, we first need to study how we allowed it to happen in the first place.

Several medical professionals much smarter than I have made some dire predictions about what will happen to people who took the COVID-19 vaccines. I won't detail them here, but suffice it to say, this is an issue that urgently needs addressing. The human body has a miraculous ability to heal itself (especially when supplied with the correct medicine), but until humanity as a whole is aware of what happened, we will continue to see the growing trend of people "dying suddenly."

In 2023, I predict that the issue of COVID-19 vaccine injuries — the elephant in the room — will finally be addressed on a global scale. I just pray its weight doesn't end up crushing us all.’