'Videos of People Dragged Into Quarantine Censored in China': China's ZERO-COVID shows you what happens when governments get deranged and drunk with power, 'lockdown lunatics' they are

by Paul Alexander

They are suffering the Chinese people and pretty soon they will resort to eating each other, they are starving and suffering, reports of suicide in desperation...same happened in the US and elsewhere

The lockdowns had same effect in US and Canada etc., just the media were bought off and played the role with the medical profession/doctors to help perpetrate the lie…the ‘real’ truth on the lockdowns are coming…and do not be surprised if this fall you are fighting with health officials as they drag you away too in the USA…they ain’t done folks, they ain’t done. What they did to us was fraud and a lie and vicious and they caused deaths of people needlessly and we must have proper legal accountability…we must never forget the beasts in our own govn and our public health officials, we want them investigated and properly held to account for each death.


Videos of People Dragged Into Quarantine Censored in China