Wautier et al.: "Genital tract and reproductive characteristics in daughters of women and men prenatally exposed to diethylstilbestrol (DES)"; Dr. Stricker asks the key question, being...

by Paul Alexander

...we are still debating DES effects on offspring after 70+ years! and as such, we have to be concerned with a potential "transgenerational" disaster following the COVID gene injection vaccines.



My main point was that if you vaccinated pregnant women with this fraud unsafe gene injection (COVID), then the effects could be transgenerational and impact children, especially females, for generations to come. This is why we must punish the pharma companies (and FDA that did not mandate the studies) that failed to conduct the proper genito-toxicity and teratogenicity studies (first 3 months of fetal development) and reproductive studies to ‘exclude’ harms on the expectant woman long-term. This is a ticking timebomb.