We are being lied to...I agree with Lara Logan, lied to! I dont like this, I want to be able to judge the situation for myself, and decide for myself, not the corrupt filthy media...I agree with her..

by Paul Alexander

Ukraine is a slush fund money pot for crooked politicians...period!

The killing of people is hideous and I do not agree with any war or killing of people, but there is way too much more to this Ukraine Russia issue, its not what the media is presenting to us…just like how the media has lied for 2 years to you about COVID…all of it. This Ukraine Russia is COVID 2.0 in terms of the lies.

Watch Lara Logan, real gonads…

They go to all extremes to justify war and sending your children to die, NOT theirs…notice that?

Just like how this testimony that led us to war was a lie in Kuwait:

Minute 2 is where you start, and it was all a lie, all of it…and you went to war because of this lie…coached by Hill and Knowlton, liars…

And this by Colin Powell that too was a massive lie, lost all credibility, complete lie yet we went to war on this lie:

Colin Powell’s UN speech: a decisive moment in undermining US credibility

All were lies…

Colin Powell holds up a vial during his presentation to the UN security council in New York on 5 February 2003.

So you think the media and the govn is not lying to you now on Ukraine and Russia? The part of it to send your sons and daughters to shed their blood? No, I want to know more and what I know at this time tells me its a lie. There is another way to address this and the west and NATO has as much blood on its hands as to how we got here.

Putin is evil for this but find out the full truth…and yes punish him but not take the world to WW III…find out how many congressmen and women and senators and senior officials in US govn children are oil and gas wealthy people now in Ukraine companies? And in other nations. With zero background? Find out how many senior official children surnames are on many of these contracts…go do that.