We must not forget! "Veteran suicide rates reach a record high"

by Paul Alexander

Reach out, support, talk to & appreciate our vet, thank them for it is on their backs, 250 years ago to today, regardless of war or battle, that we stand on! Do not forget our fallen police & military

Our military, our veterans, our police remain the very best among us, our law enforcement. Support them, welcome them always as heroes. Do not let the left and media and ill intent people put a divide between you and them.


New Study: Veteran suicide rates reach a record high

‘A recent study conducted by America’s Warrior Partnership (AWP) found the current rate of veteran suicides at 17 deaths per day. This number is twice as high as that of civilian suicide rates.

According to data supported by AWP, overdose is the most common cause of death among veterans. In comparison to the rate of civilian overdoses, veterans overdose at a four times greater rate.

“Even one is too many,” President & CEO of AWP, Jim Lorraine, said.

Lorraine served in the United States Air Force as a flight nurse for 23 years. Later in his career, he retired as deputy command sergeant for U.S. Special Operations. Being a veteran himself, he has dedicated himself to preventing veteran suicide.’

To improve the quality of life and reduce risk factors associated with veteran suicide, AWP connects local veteran-serving organizations with the appropriate services and resources needed to support service members, their families, and caregivers.

In order to spread awareness, the organization has analyzed the needs of veterans who rely on their community-based programs. If resources do not exist or have been exhausted at the local level, AWP uses their Network to involve national programs in providing needed resources to community programs. In 2021, the Network served about 3,000 veterans boasting a 93% case success rate.’