We need to thank Putin with all our hearts, for he has ended COVID in a matter of a day or two...we could not for 2 years...thank you VLAD!

by Paul Alexander

See, we hurt them, the TRUCKERS won! so now they, these crooked criminal COVID TASK forces in Canada and US states and globally will slide in lifting of mandates; truckers WON, thanks VLAD!

These untermensche governments, they knew they were wrong and hurt their populations and killed people (and we will not forget) with their lockdown policies and they know the vaccines are killing people and have failed, they know full well, so now sheepishly trying to end COVID like it was not there…using this UKRAINE issue…we must not let them…

Not even mild Omicron, nature’s vaccine, they would use, or was capable…but along comes VLAD…

We have to hold public inquiries and punish them, all who did wrong. Once it is show wrong was done, deep punishment.

Once again, thanks Vlad.