What the hell did I hear Biden just say in this video about Americans? Trump said that? How did we go from this to that?

by Paul Alexander

As to Brittney Griner, I have waited to share my opinion; yes, the weed oil; Russia arrested her, & the US is turning inside out; so what about Americans in jail for years for weed? Fight for them!!!!

It's how he has always felt, whether said it now or one week ago or one year ago. America has been a means to an end for some people, to take from her and use her. That thing you need to see and hear from them is never there. That love of nation and flag and anthem and laws and founding is never there. They despise the founding. They despise all that is America. They enjoy the protection and majesty of USA, to fly tucked safely beneath the eagle's wings...protected...yet disparage and attack and weaken her each opportunity they get. Destroy her too with ease.

Griner, I feel sorry she is ‘caught up’….but Americans locked up for weed, they are not important? You going nuts about Griner and yes, I think its extreme what Russia is doing, but this is politics, yet why is there no fight for our Americans in jail for weed for years? Ask her too if she will again demean the US flag and anthem? Ask her. I want her matter resolved but those ‘cry me a river’ freaks need to focus too on our own people in jail for weed for many years.