What we lived through the last 2.5 years with this COVID lockdown lunacy and the fraud COVID GENE injections: Through the eyes of an informed citizen reply

by Paul Alexander

As I have written and stated many times, “lock them all to hell up”!

How else can I say it? How else can it be expressed? It is critical to keep sharing the talking for what we lived through was monstrous hell, vacillating between raging despair and hopelessness, and boiling anger. ‘I feel for the vaccinated, as many loved ones, friends and their children had the shots. Looking back now I have empathy. But I remember the intense, unrivaled pressure of staying unvaccinated during the onslaught of PSYOPS and mental coercion and seizing of livelihoods and rights, and it was one of the greatest tests of strength anyone could go through. Yeah they were ready to hang us back then, literally. You could see it in the eyes. But it was a red flag when they discounted natural immunity, and didn’t even include it in the conversation. For the first time ever.

And it was a red flag when they kept saying they didn’t understand the disease, but they completely understood the vaccine. Those two ideas can’t live together. I remember first seeing Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi and Geert Vanden Bossch on the Internet, talking passionately about variants. And everything we see today, and how it would develop, like two years ago. From my pov they were passionate and honest. And what they were saying made sense. It made more sense to me than anything else anyone else was saying. And it seconded my natural instincts, that natural immunity was far superior to anything anybody could make in a few months in a lab.

But it was so hard to even think straight at times, with the absolute coordinated, hard-core, mental operations that they put us under. And I remember when it got really bad, when the media was publicizing the fraudulent made up deaths, and stories of intense suffering, and the winter of death and destruction, and the fear that the president himself put into our children. And there was pressure from relatives, and our child’s school, and friends, and work, from all sides. and I just remember thinking if I could get through the next six months, family intact, in a year or two when the shit really hit the fan we’d be okay. But it did not feel okay at the time. And that pressure was intense. Anyone here who remembers, who can relate to that pressure, the fear campaign, the shaming, and the hate — knows what it took to get through that and say no. I don’t remember anything ever like it before in five decades.

And to all of you out there who did that, who made it through that, and who stand today with your God-given, million year developed, natural immunity. Congratulations. Bless you. We made it through. When so many others didn’t, and couldn't. And we will make it through the next one. But look around now. All our loved ones, and friends, and the families who couldn’t stand up to the pressure, and I honestly don’t blame them all, because the pressure, the force and tactics they exerted. Hopefully they will recover now and not get worse. It’s not an I told you so situation. It’s too tragic. The pain continues. And the people who are responsible cannot get away with it. Everyone responsible needs to be held to account. No matter what.’

We must investigate every single one who made the polices that were forced upon us, all the mandates and punish them heavily if it is shown in proper legal inquiry that they did wrong and caused deaths to ordinarily healthy people.