WHO's top scientist Dr. Swaminathan said “There is no evidence right now that healthy children or healthy adolescents need boosters… no evidence at all.” She is 100% correct and also

by Paul Alexander

I praise her; but I regard WHO scientists as clear corrupted, academically sloppy, technically incompetent nincompoops; cognitively dissonanced; untethered from the reality of COVID

An amen for the lady! No doubt she has technical capacity and expertise, but she is working for a corrupted agency and has played along. Hopefully she will get to the right place soon.

She did not say it but should have ALSO said there was no evidence the vaccine was needed in children, any teen, any young person who is healthy in the first place; should have never done that initially.

Why? is this CYA moment? Did she finally go back to her text books and study some immunology and virology and reflect on the massive disaster this has become; we would ruin the healthy innate immune systems of children.

What do or did we know?

  1. we know the data that has been clear 20 months now, that children have a statistical zero risk of being infected and getting severely ill from COVID

  2. the vaccines have failed as do not stop infection, or transmission

  3. that children have a potent innate immune system that protects them and did and will do, for this virus and others; its the innate antibodies and innate NK cells and other components

  4. we know that vaccinal antibodies will subvert the innate antibodies and render children defenseless to pathogen; we can end up killing thousands of children