Why did Malone remain silent & failed to tell people that the mRNA technology (he said he invented) did not stay at the injection site while the CDC & FDA lied! He knew it could not stay localized &

by Paul Alexander

stay at the injection site; why was he silent and must have known that the CDC & NIH et al. were lying! Why?

Malone knew how dangerous the mRNA technology was as to ADE and stayed silent way too long. That is a fact and the actual science of this.

He must answer to that. This is a scientific question, scientist to scientist. A critical question for people died.

I am changing (adjusting) my role as a purist scientist to one of investigative journalism scientific reporter for I want to get to the bottom of this issue. And many other issues that were done wrong to society and the world. I want this mRNA issue unpacked fully. I want to function as an investigative journalist on this so that people can come forward confidentially too.

This mRNA technology, this gene injection spike-opathy yielding injection is operating like a targeted military soft-kill weapon, via the COVID bioweapon, that is what this COVID mRNA technology gene injection is, designed to harm and kill us slowly. IMO. I want this investigated for something is very wrong, very wrong with seemingly poison pills in this mRNA technology that we need Malone to answer.

To me, something about this Malone-mRNA technology crap (and those connected to it included the pharma people) stinks to high heavens. Pieces do not add up. Missing links. We need the answers Dr. Malone, for it stinks. IMO. It is too mysterious.

Scientist to scientist. Help us understand. I make no aspersions to you etc. Yet you hold the answers we somehow do not get. So we want you to be fully forthcoming.

This was not mickey mouse crap. And please, spare us you groupies out there who are on my stack or get this sent/shared with you, don’t come attacking me and praising him. Spare yourselves. It is like water on a duck’s back for me. Do your damn homework and see the history. Come prepared to address the issue and for God’s sake, let the man answer. He is a big boy. Let Malone address some questions. Let him answer proper questions from serious people now. Stop defending him. Stop rushing to his defense. Stop speaking for him. Does not look good on your part, you know who you groupies are! You look weak and pusillanimous and bought out. Stop.

These people played God, these scientists, these are really two-bit pipetting chemists fooling around in a lab, IMO, that’s all, they think they are and were ‘important’. They messed with what they had no right messing with.

Dr. Malone to me is a lab chemist, that’s all. And I wish to talk the chemistry, biochemistry and immunology and vaccinology with him for I can handle my own. I am comfortable in the space now. I wish to do what you groupies are failing to do.

They did what they should not have. These ‘mRNA’ lab chemists playing God. What they did with mRNA technology, all of them, is sinful and wrong. Unethical. Violates God’s laws and played with DNA and mRNA when they did not understand it. We still do not understand it. Now we know it reverse transcribes back to DNA. Did you know this? The mRNA in the COVID vaccine.

This mRNA research was unethical and should have stayed in the lab, in the dish, in silico, in vitro etc. and not moved until it was bullet proofed as to efficacy, effectiveness, and safety.

Not because you get a university etc. ethics review panel to ‘approve’ research means it is ethical and above board. Means it is safe and proper. The ethics approval process is corrupted like the medical journal publishing process, like EBM, like academic research today, like journal editors, pure corruption, and I knew people on ethics boards in various universities I heard you could get them to approve otherwise unethical ‘wrong’ dangerous research. Just follow the $. The entire process is filthy and fraudulent. There is no ‘ethics’ in any of this. Just money and power and corruption.

So getting the research approved does not mean it is of value and above board. Not today.

There was and is no value added to this, no benefit to mRNA technology and certainly not until all aspects are tested and harm is excluded. Many years of testing. We never and do not need this. And now we know it reverse transcribes. They wanted fame and money, none, not one of these people involved in this, involved in pharma, in the vaccine development, not one, care one rats ass about you or me. It was and is always about making money and fame and more money and power and control. Power-drunk malfeasants IMO.

There are many questions Dr. Malone should be asked to answer and have not answered and he owes it to the many people who have given money, support, who donated, who gave their hard earned money wanting answers, to tell the truth about this mRNA technology, as there is a tremendous lot he has not stated and I ask why? It leaves one inferring and we do not wish to if he can answer the questions.

Dr. Malone, you had this information that the mRNA and LNP etc. cannot and could not stay in the injection site, and scientist to scientist I ask you, clarify yourself, why were you silent? You said you invented it, so tell the world how to mitigate it and I do not mean via making a product to deal with it. I mean how to turn it off. I if ‘invented’ something, I would know how to turn it off. I am speaking lay language here but you all know what I mean. Why did you Malone not warn about the dangers of mRNA technology earlier? That it was not safety tested, and that antibody-dependent enhancement of infection and disease was a grave concern. You did not properly warn of this. Why did you wait so long as many got harmed during that time? You saw how Dr. Peter McCullough et al. were on the stump near daily calling for a cessation of the fraud gene injection yet you were largely silent. You were not declarative IMO. You have serious questions to answer and not your ‘followers’. You. I ask you to take these questions and I ask your consideration.

Many say you will never allow yourself to be questioned by me in fear of what I would ask and how I will get to the heart of the matter. I do not agree with them.

Many took this shot, this mRNA-LNP deadly complex and died. Thousands died, trusting the CDC. If you had said that they, CDC, were lying, early on, that it could not work that way, it had to leave the injection site as per mechanism of action, and could cause serious ‘untested’ harms, then many would have lived. They would have understood that the CDC was lying and would have then been more cognizant of the lies and fraud of CDC and NIH and FDA moving forward. It would have changed or impacted, at some level, their decision making. Pregnant women as an example, would not have risked themselves or their unborn child and new born child.

Truth is, Dr. Byram Bridle deserves a medal for what we did alerting the world, while a picture has emerged that you sat on this information. It was he who warned of the risks, and so why did you wait until people like him came forward? You knew more about this and how it worked than most and we did not need the Japanese biodistribution data and others to tell us. Why did you not earlier tell the nation that the CDC and vaccine makers were lying? We wish to know. Scientist to scientist. It is a serious medical scientific question.

You knew the mRNA would need a transport vehicle like exosomes, lipid-nano particles etc. and had to go deep inside the body for what they intended it to do. To get all of our cells making/translating Spike protein from the synthetic mRNA.

Why? Please help us understand the reason for your silence. Please take time for questions from serious interviewers. Not your ‘followers’. Not people invested in you. Serious people. I will be more than happy to interview you or help you discern on the right trustworthy person. I listened to your Mexico city speech and there is nothing there that comes close to answering any questions we have. You spoke of things we already know and that is in the public space. That is not the type of questions and answers we need now.