Xi's ball, that blimp is really President Xi of China sent one of his nuts to fly over America to show our congress & senate men what a nut really looks like; CNN reporting

by Paul Alexander

the military, the Pentagon is reviewing options on how to deal with Xi's ball; well, how about you morons, you EFFing idiots blow it out of the sky? How about that you pencil pushing stupid idiots?

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What? China tells US to calm down over spy balloon over US; calm down? what bullsh*t, blow it to hell up, shoot it down & also send 2 B1-B bombers to China & incinerate all Wuhan Fentanyl labs & WIV
Stop talking about this crap and just blow it up, shoot it down NOW! Shoot all shit like this down and discuss after. This makes the US military look so disorganized and weak, I am afraid. Is this blimp taking shots of all our nuclear missiles, locations etc.? How stupid can we be, just blow the damn thing up…
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Pentagon is saying Xi’s nut violates US airspace. Duh! You think? China is laughing at us ‘hey, look at those stupid American’s our President can send one of his seeds to flight and go all the way across the Pacific and over America as the Pentagon pulls flint from its navel and from between their toes wondering what to do’, what stupid Americans.

China, the CCP is spying on the US and Darth Vadar and the Pentagon needs us to tell them go pop the damn thing, blow the damn thing up. What? You gonna blow it up after they have mapped out all the nuclear silos? Are you allowing them to spy on the US? Is the Biden administration allowing China to do this? hhhmmm, I would not be surprised. In other words, had this not been noticed, China would have done their thing and gone their way and Xi would have gotten back his nut?

Hell, we have Chinese spies like Fang Fang sleeping with every Tom, Dick, and Harry in Washington getting our secrets *cough cough Swalwell cough cough*, you have spies getting access to Hunter’s homes I imagine to read and photograph secretive sensitive information *cough cough on Ukraine, China, Iran cough cough* (you know, like how Obama and Biden gave Iran the Air Force drone and naval gun boat technology ‘ran aground my ass”, hell, we Chinese run things in America. ‘We are buying up all the farmland and soon we will own America.'

Idiots, how about you ask Darth Vadar Lloyd Austin what to do? You do understand why China sent Xi’s nut to show you a show of force and ridicule right?

What are you going to do, Darth? Whatcha Gonna Do?