You could kill thousands of children with these vaccines, you must stand up now; stand your ground

by Paul Alexander

You have to understand, this vaccine could potentially kill thousands of American children, and others globally. It is untested for safety in them and they have natural protections (a pre-activated innate immune system, natural immunity, low ACE 2 receptors in the nostrils etc.) that they will be fine and have been. Children do not need this vaccine, no healthy child. 99.99999999% of children are healthy. Period. This is a fast moving bullet to your child with this vaccine. I do not know how else to say it. We have our children's future to lose...we have to stand up and stop this. POTUS Trump brought this vaccine and it is failed. It is a problem. He has to stand up firmly, firmly, and rail against this. This is not right and we know it is wrong. We must stand up. I plead with you to stand up. Especially our minority population and children, black American children. Coloured people have been used and abused by public health for 100 years and still are and will be here... no unvaccinated persons are not 'unclean'...we have actually listened and read and weighed the evidence out there. We are the informed persons.