'Your great-great-great-grandchildren will still be getting immunized against coronavirus': Mayo Clinic Expert predicts COVID-19 will be around until NEXT CENTURY

by Paul Alexander

Yes, of course, we said this, as long as you criminals, you twisted inept scientists, work with Bourla, CDC, NIH, FDA etc., with mass vaccination into the pandemic, then it will NEVER end, we said so

He knows we understand exactly what they are about…bringing a non-sterilizing vaccine that does not stop transmission will, not if, but will, drive variants and will drive the vaccinated to be infected and to transmit, as we see now…omicron and its sister is an example of immune escape…

I have said, and I am a disciple of GVBossche and Malone, so I stand on their acumen, that with this vaccine that does not sterilize the virus so transmission does not stop, then with infectious pressure acting against sub-optimal mounting immune pressure, that is, pressure directed against the spike receptor binding domain principally, then natural selection will select for ‘fitter’ more infectious variants. Transmission will never stop and variants will keep coming and so if your aim is to keep vaccinating for the nest century, if your aim is to develop a bioweapon, then keep doing exactly what we are doing now. We have greatly underestimated the evolutionary capacity of the virus to adapt and evolve to the immune pressure on the spike. Mounting immune pressure that is not mature or fully developed and so not capable of sterilizing, neutralization. But pressure still, and enough so that variants can overcome the pressure, and the fittest variants so to speak.